Our Cattery

When we go home the most beautiful thing to see is our cat complitely relaxed :
Some of them sleeping on the sofa some on a chair, who plays with a ball or who has a short neap on the stairs. In summer we find them all on the terrace taking sun tan or in the shade.

Every day their company and attention makes us very happy.
Opposite to normal thinking, the cat is an animal very attached to the home, of which he becomes the real owner.
He those that with elegance and discretion, but likee all other domestic animals needs to be trained and get used to the contact with humans.
Our “ babies” are very sociables and kadly, some of our friends that beleives that a cat is not a sociable and is a selfish animal, they change they mind after they start to kwon our wonderful creatures. Only the people that leaves in strait contact with them can understand what they can give asking in exchange only love and becoming a trust worthy and unseparable friend.
There are people that are afraid to own a cat with so much fur in the house. To those people we can say that a persian cat those not need more attention then any other breed. All of them need to be brushed and all of them they have a period in the year that loose they fur. The important is to train the cat from young age to get used to be brushed and cleaned and if is done in a gentle way will become for him/her a way to get attention.
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