About us

Welcome to our new small Persian cats breeding house!
We are twin sisters: Paola & Tonia in association with our sister Pina she is only 18 months older. The name of our cattery comes from the combination of our names.
We have been for ever in love with all kind of animals and has been an integral part of our lifes.

The first cat that brought us to love this magnificent, even if small feline, was a baby stray cat only few days old. We took it home and our Yokshire cat “ Lulu’” that was in hysteric pregnancy feed and took care of him.
Has been an unforgetable experience, specially when our little dog give birth to her puppies and all use to sleep together with the cat now grown up!!!
After that they start to arrive the first Persian cats bought from an unscropulous shop keeper that use to keep them in a very poor conditions.
In 2005 we meet a wonderfull person still today present in our life! That introduced us in this magnificent world. Cinzia Trentin from the breeding house Toltechi from how with bought Ares our first Persian Cat pedigree.
With Ares has been a love at first site, still is today the baby of the house, the untoucheble king even is now is sterilized and is eight years old. After Ares has arrived Bayhibe, for us Ibe, and after her Penny Lane and red Diamond all from the breeding house Toltechi.
Our’s a small breeding house, with a great passion and a lots of love, our cats leave with us, they are present in every moments of our life and they have free access throught out the house with their toys.
They spend the day playing and ceasing eachother up and down the stairs that connect the various floors of our house and when we come back home they are ready to fuss and play with us. In the evening we watch TV together, and when we are ready to go to sleep some of them stay on the sofa and others rush to the bedroom and compite to take the best place on the bed.
During summer periods and during nice winter days they have the chance to busk in the sun on our terraces
We would like to give our thanks to:
Cinzia this wanderfull person that has dedicated her life to the animals and from whom we learned all we need to know about Persian cats. Cinzia has been always very supportive throught out our endless phone calls and help us to take care of our “babies” and also Cinzia has been very supportive to our enterprise.
As matter of fact we like to think that we are a small brunch her Toltech’s breeeding house.
Another thank goes to a very special person our father and to whom we want to dedicate this breeding house and thank to him that throught out our life he has trasmitted to us this love and respect for all animals.